07 October 2012

The Motherload - Catalog Ads

On second thought.. pile up ALL the savings into one giant heap.

The proportions of the people in this ad are, well, ridiculous.
Also, mammy's packing a bigger bulge than pops over there.

Because "Luster Cream" is just so pedestrian.

Spots!? I should just end it all right now! (sob)

Look as glamorous as this cartoon representation of a
Hollywood starlet. I'd go with the color "blue red".

Just for you, (random nameless person)!

Remove that unwanted butter sweat from your sweet chapeau!

It's technically not an exclamation point, though she does look
Like she's about to enjoy some excitement with it "downstairs".

You're halfway to becoming the Penguin from "Batman".

26 September 2012

The Motherload - Food Ads

I haven't updated this site in so very long. However, I still have been collecting the ads in the meanwhile. Without further adieu, here is a whole bunch of what fans have been missing. This week I'll upload all the ads about food to which I've held on. Next, well, some other category I suppose...

"Yum! These coupons are delicious!"

Only two kids. The rest of the kids will watch on and starve.
There aren't that many options. I guess it depends on your aversion to mess.
I want to chew to the point of mandibular fatigue. Bring it on, honeybee!
I feel like I'm going to jail for reading this then seeing her...
Big Beef! Summer Sizzlers! Couldn't you go for the trifecta of alliteration?
This is/was a very old box of condensed milk. "MMM-M!"
Really, Wendy's? At least you bothered to hyphenate after "Cock", sparing squeamishness.